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Hello. My name is Anthony Schrag and I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in the Middle East, the UK, and Canada. I am currently based somewhere in Scotland.

I have worked across the UK as well as internationally, including residencies in Iceland, North Carolina, Vancouver, Finland, Holland and South Africa. I don’t do many exhibitions because I am conflicted about ‘objects’ and am afraid of the permanence they suggest....which is an overly-complex way to say that I prefer to ‘work with people’ in a participatory manner instead of making things to put in galleries. Central to my practice is a broader discussion about the place of art in a social context, and some of my mad projects that come out of this way of working include blowing things up, kidnapping people, climbing on buildings, attempting to break a world record for hand-holding, and, recently, walking 2500 km across Europe, all in the name of 'art'.

I have - somehow! - been the recipient of numerous awards including from Creative Scotland, The Hope Scot Trust, The British Arts Council, the Dewar Arts Award, the 2011 Standpoint Futures: Public residency award, as well as a Henry Moore Artist Fellowship. They are all really nice people for supporting me: thank you!

This website has a a bunch of stuff that I’ve done, but there’s also loads I’ve not put up for fear of boring people, so, if you’d like to know more, or if you’d just like to get in touch, please do drop me an email me at: info (at) anthonyschrag (dot) com. It would be nice to hear from you!