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About a million years ago, I completed a Creative Writing degree from the University of British Columbia. By that time, I had had a wee poetry book published and a novel long-listed in a national competition, and I thought I was going to grow up and be a writer.

And then art happened.

I have still kept writing in the intervening years, but secretly, silently. Recently, however - and very, VERY, slowly - words have started seeping back into my world, like a heavy water finally giving in to gravity.

This section includes links to texts that have somehow happened. They are both 'writerly', as well as research-based scribblings and publications, including my PhD. (14MB).

My PhD research explored the intersection of institutions and artists and the public in regards to participatory projects. In particular, my emphasis was on cultural policy and/or ’institutional intent’ and how/why organisations support participatory projects. My current research interests continues in this ‘institutional’ vein, but I am also keen to explore how participatory art - and other ephemeral art processes such as physically-based works - are translated into the art institution, and why: is this a colonial action or can it be re-configured? This is both a concern for art 'expanding the frame' to claim non-artistic processes, but also an examination of 'documentation' and its place in the discourse of art.