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I've often been asked why I divide my work into such three segments - the 'social', the 'institutional' and the 'physical' - and partly, it is because I feel there needs to be some form of taxonomy, some form of order, or else it will just appear like a bunch of random work randomly thrown together.

But mostly, I think it is important to highlight the difference between subjects, approaches and methodologies. This section explores my physical methodology, which is a fancy way to say that I use the body and its movements/actions to make sense of the world - both my own body and the bodies of other people, rather than via any concept of 'visual art'. That means that instead of making things to look at and go in galleries, my work occurs through physical experience, and the corporeal acts as mechanism through which to explore our place in the world.

There's a bunch of research on Embodied Cognition and the 'Anthropology of The Body' approach to aesthetic understandings, and those layers definitely exist within my thinking, but fundamentally, its easier - and often more meaningful - to approach a subject using our bodies as something that we all innately understand, rather than refer back to a visual language of the arts.

Plus it means I get to climb around on stuff. And that's often quite fun.